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Nashik (Maharashtra) | 496 sq.m (5339 sq. ft.)

The Contemporary Home

Architectural Planning, 3D Modelling, Architectural Design, 3D Visualization.


"A home is the place where your soul rejoices"

Home is the place everyone replenishes and rejoices. In current times, we are always surrounded by the hustle & bustle of urban noise. A serene nature with lush greenery is not a common scenario in the urban landscape.

The Design project ‘The Contemporary Home’ calls for the architectural design of a luxury Residential Bungalow in Contemporary architecture theme having spaces that makes the family connected to green nature.

Problem Statement

To Design a 5-BHK Residential Bungalow on a 496 sq.m. plot. Along with suitable amenities, landscape elements, vastu-compliant in modern contemporary architectural theme. The Design should match the client spatial & aesthetic requirements and should be suitable to the family lifestyle and interests. Budget for the Project is INR 2 Crore.

Design Consideration
  • As the project name says The Contemporary Home, the home should have the design scheme that is a fusion of traditional & modern architecture.
  • The design scheme in the overall House must be in contemporary Architecture style. The client desires to have a house that radiates positivity through  design that brings them close to nature. 
  • Creating landscape elements and greenery lurking inside the home while playfully using earthy tone materials & textures to enhance the overall Home Ambience.

These are few design considerations after our discussion with the client, the list is exhaustive and is provided to the architects as part of the project brief.