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Bangalore, Karnataka | 111.48 sq m (1200 sq ft)

The Courtyard House

Architectural Planning, 3D Modelling, Architectural Design, 3D Visualization


Home is where one starts from.”.
Home is a place of comfort, convenience and calm. It is where we live, love and cherish the time with our family and ourselves. The compact size of the site poses a design challenge for the Designers, which is to be overcome through creative architectural solutions.

Problem Statement

The design of this project calls for a G+3 residential bungalow, with a Servants quarter for 2servants on the Ground floor, 2BHK on the First, Second and Third floors each, along with a multipurpose Gym/ Theatre room on the Terrace floor. Vertical connectivity is to be maintained through a staircase and a compact 3-4 person elevator.

Design Consideration:

• The client prefers maximum plot area to be consumed for development. Minimum marginaldistance to be assumed from both sides & rear is 0.45m (1’-6”). Whereas in the front, allprojections from first floor and upwards, are permitted up to the plot boundary, and no design/structural element shall be extended beyond it. However on the ground floor, a front marginaldistance of 0.45m (1’-6”) may be assumed, as per parking requirements

• Thorough integration of Vastu in their residence is deeply desired by the client. As they are Muslims, care must be taken to incorporate considerations regarding placement & orientation of activities as directed by Vastu. The main entrance to the house must face West, whereas Living Room to be present at West, North, or Northwest.

• The client wishes as per Vastu, for the level of Entrances to their home to be higher than other activities in their home. Whereas, Living rooms to be designed stepped down, to a lower l even than other activities.

These are few design considerations after our discussion with the client, the list is exhaustive and is provided to the architects as part of the project brief.