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Nagpur, Maharashtra | 1891 Sqm (20354 SqFt)

The Magnificent Abode

Architectural Planning, 3D Modelling, Architectural Design, 3D Visualization


Your home is a reflection of yourself”.
Home is a place of comfort, convenience and calm. It is where we live, love and cherish the time with our family and ourselves. The addition of a beautiful natural setting with lake view and abundant land area for the home opens up infinite doors and allows room for creative expression of architectural ideas through design.

Problem Statement

This project calls for the design of a 7-storey luxury residential apartment with parking on the ground floor, amenities on first floor and 6-BHK residential units on top six floor.

Design Consideration:

• In residential units; As the interior spaces would be large in size, the microplanning and furniture placement must be thoughtfully done and furniture layout must be shown in design sheets, along with the provision of partitions and screens wherever necessary so that no negative spaces are formed, as well as, ample public, semi-public and private seating zones are created where needed.

• Favorable location for the Servant quarters would be adjacent to the kitchen, with independent entry and exits. It should be designed such that, if the kitchen door is shut, the servants quarter and kitchen get isolated from rest of the house.

• Spacious bedrooms, along with private seatings must be provided. All Bedrooms must also include walk in wardrobe areas and large wash rooms. Also, the provision of balconies or terraces to bedrooms for enjoying the outdoor views is important.

These are few design considerations after our discussion with the client, the list is exhaustive and is provided to the architects as part of the project brief.