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Contractor or Architect- Who is better for designing and constructing your house?

You need to get your house built, or maybe an office for yourself. You are faced with the difficult decision of hiring professionals to design and execute the entire project according to your needs.

You know that an architect designs the space and coordinates with the entire team of professionals, and you also know that if you hire a contractor instead, everything gets directly taken care of without involving any other professionals at your end.

What do you do?

Hiring a contractor

Oftentimes hiring a contractor may seem like a wise choice. After all, the contractor has-


You may also consider that hiring a contractor would save you the fees of hiring an architect, wondering how hard can it really be to design a house.

In reality, instead of saving money, you are risking more money in this mistake.

Contractor’s earning

Contractors’ earnings are basically the gross profit they earn on the labour and the materials provided by the vendors. They have their own network and connections for all products and labour needed to execute a project.

The materials, site workers, and all the resources needed are hence managed by the contractor as a part of their job profile.

Risks of hiring a contractor without an architect to supervise

When complete control comes into the hands of one person, there is a large scope for skimming money. Contractors may make the most of this scope and cheat their clients for more profit margins. This is not a rare occurrence in India, where contractors have cheated their clients. You may have heard a number of similar incidents happening around you.

The cheating can come in the form of using low quality materials, compromised quality of work, more time taken in completion of the project, or overall more costs reflected in bills, while you are delivered an average quality project.

You risk losing your money without even being aware of it, you risk getting a house built which could be compromised and faulty to make up for skimmed money, which could cost you more in the long run. You also risk getting a poorly designed house as contractors are not designers.

This is why an architect is crucial for supervision of a project, minimising the scope for low quality project delivery, while also controlling the expenditure, to ensure the client’s best interest.

Professionals’ roles

When looked at from a different perspective, contractors are experienced professionals in the construction execution of a building. All contractors, in an ideal situation, coordinate with an architect for correct construction of a project.

They have skills and resources to make sure that a building is made according to the drawings made by an architect.

Designing a house, or any building, takes more than just building walls to create rooms.

architect designing

It takes understanding-

  • the people who would live there
  • Their wants and needs
  • human psychology
  • Spatial design
  • Aesthetic design
  • How to design according to the climate
  • Materials and resources And so much more.

Architect’s role

Every architect goes through 5 years of rigorous training to learn and apply all aspects of designing a space, from understanding all aspects of lighting, making plans and drawings, to coordinating with other industry professionals and overlooking the construction process.

architect designing

Architects don’t just design spaces, they help you design your lifestyle. They create the foundation of how your day will look like inside your house, from you waking up in the morning, to going back to sleep at night. They make your life easier by facilitating the best experience of a space, of a room, of your home, hence your life.

As designers, architects have the entire picture of what the project is about, who it is for, how it will look like, and all the resources it requires, naturally becoming the most important part of any project.

Without their professional say and supervision, the project is likely to lose the characteristics it was initially supposed to have.

Professionals’ hierarchy

Hence architects are at the top of the professional hierarchy in the building construction process. Every other professional needs to coordinate with and be supervised by an architect- directly or indirectly.

Taking a look at the global level, all kinds of building construction projects take place in a certain way, where the professionals follow a similar hierarchy, ensuring efficient completion of any project. This hierarchy is observed from the biggest of projects like the Burj Khalifa, to the cafe next door.

To believe that getting your project designed by a contractor without getting duped, can be the biggest risk you ever take, and you may have to pay for it for a very long time.

The real question is, do you want to put all your faith in a contractor, who could possibly compromise the quality of your lifestyle, and hamper with one of the biggest assets you will ever invest in?


As a conclusion, if you want to make a new home for yourself, or any other building, the first person you need to contact is an architect. Architect designs the building, and the contractor constructs the building according to the drawings provided by the architect, under the architect’s supervision.

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