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How we can transform India into a better country together?

Have you ever been to a beautiful place in India, and said, “This does not feel like India” Yes, we know. We have all said that, and meant it.

However, have you ever wondered why is it this way?

There are several different reasons, ranging from lack of awareness among people, to legislative efforts. These problems also go from small to huge, making it difficult to keep track of, let alone change.

These problems make us feel like we deserve better cities, and we really do. We deserve the best of the cities, public spaces, and communities.

smart cities in india

By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities. -Socrates

We are here to tell you that it’s possible. We, at Builtdesign, have devised a masterplan for change and you can be a part of it. Together we can make our India so beautiful that we never have to say the words “This does not feel like India'' again.

As citizens of India, we come from a traditional culture, and we are rapidly developing along with the whole world. There is a lack of direction for growth at a small scale, while transformative actions are being implemented at a large scale in the country.

To direct focus back to us, and our quality of living, we need to understand that the houses that make the neighbourhood, hence the city, play a major role here.

Hence, making our houses better and smarter will contribute towards making our cities better and smarter.

How to make your houses smarter?

Architects are professionals responsible for making your homes beautiful, functional, practical, and everything that they are. They design not only for your requirements, but for your well being.

When you look at old monuments and buildings, you see how marvellous they are. They keep you cool on a hot, sunny day and there is little to no need for any kind of electricity to live there.

That is a perfect example of the skills an architect possesses in today’s world- being capable of creating the most comfortable environment for you- where you want, and how you want it.

climate responsive building india

However, people are not aware of what architects really do.

There is a huge misunderstanding between the roles of civil engineers, architects, and interior designers.

This single reason has led to multiple grievous problems faced by people around the world. Unaware of role of architects, people tend to hire the wrong people for designing their project- builders, contractors, and civil engineer’s who are ill-equipped to design buildings correctly.\

Unethical practices occur to make up for the lack of skill set and expertise that an architect would avoid It results in you getting bad service, boring & repetitive designs, and fraud, in an unprofessional way.\

To top it all, there is a limited supply of architects, making these points less impactful.

These problems directly affect you and people around you.

  • You lose out on time, money, and effort you put into making your project.
  • Your project may have functional and aesthetic flaws that will take more resources to fix them
  • Your project does not complement the city, the neighbourhood, and ends up being just another average building
  • If the design does not account for the climatic conditions, you might end up spending outrageous amount of money on air conditioning, and lighting indoors
  • Privacy may not be addressed, causing behavioural changes and feeling unsafe in your own surroundings
  • Your city will lack the feel of being YOUR CITY

All these problems can easily be solved by You, for You.

When you contribute to the development of the city, you improve your lifestyle, in a number of different ways.

Builtdesign introduces its Referral Program to you.

It empowers you to refer Builtdesign to anyone you know that needs to get their home, office, farmhouse, or any other building designed, while earning a commission of up to ₹25,000 per referral you provide.

How Builtdesign helps your cause for making your city beautiful

When you refer people to Builtdesign,

  • you ensure that the people you care about get the best design and construction service in India, backed by latest technology and next generation architects from across India
  • you take away their stress from finding the right professionals in an unorganized market, that they need for construction, as Builtdesign takes care of it all.
  • you contribute towards your own well being with the lifestyle and monetary benefits, as well as the lifestyle of the person you are referring to
  • you grow your trust with that person by becoming a credible and reliable support for little and big things
  • you ensure that your city and your country becomes more beautiful, livable, and healthier, one project at a time.

Builtdesign is digitising the way Architects transform the world.

We bring our clients the best and most out of Architectural design possibilities, through our remote design technology and state-of-the-art systems.

We make the vision of our clients come true, helping them visualise their dream construction project by providing multiple high quality architectural designs, created by verified architects across India.

Clients gain control of the building process by avoiding going to multiple architects and other professionals to find the right fit for themselves, saving their time, money and effort along the way.

Builtdesign is transforming the way the Architecture industry in India works, and your contribution will make India beautiful again.\ Your contribution ensures that no one ever says “This does not feel like India” again.

Become a part of change.

Sign up as a Referral with Builtdesign.

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