Saturday, July 29, 2023

Responsibilities of an Architect and Designers to save the Profession.

Responsibilities of an Architect and Designers to save the Profession.

The development of a nation is a result of growing markets and its infrastructure, and as designers it is our responsibility to shape the infrastructure- the buildings and spaces we live and work in. Everything requires design and thought to be implemented in a practical setting and to know whether it is functional and aesthetic too.

This is something that is designers are trying hard to achieve but are being slowed down due to some deep-rooted issues that we encounter amongst the society will live in. The society tends to think that we are not putting much meaning to the structures that we are a part of. Even though us designers and Architects consider ours as one of the noblest of professions, why do we put such an image in the minds of the folk? One amongst many reasons being the system that we are following. Our system has got us investing a lot of time and effort, not to forget the hard-earned money, and we are promised the stars. But in reality, it rips us off, of our investment as we are offered no proper opportunities to use all this design knowledge that we have.

As a result of which, at the end of our entire education we are still unfamiliar with vast areas in our line of work, which we learn through the method of trial and error. Over the time, the clients come to see this, and it displaces their trust from the designer and shifts it towards the contractors and builders who have been in this profession for long, and start trusting them with making design decisions; something that "we" specialise in.

it is solely our responsibility to make the client understand the importance of designers. We need to make the people understand how even a tiny design decision, if taken incorrectly might hamper the entire comfort and experience of the user. And that is how we will save this, our dying profession- by educating people about design and busting stereotypical beliefs on "how" designs are supposed to be done.

The most efficient way in which these responsibilities can be fulfilled and the needs given justice to, is by the means of a community.

Here at built design community, all of us designers collectively aim at doing just that. We work hard to change the client’s mindset that has ended up trusting names more than works. We feel that a design should be judged on the basis of design parameters and what issues it caters to, and not on the basis of who their creator is. This is a healthy way to go about it. And we do just that, which in turn, does justice to the design itself, hence enriching its quality.

In addition to this, we also try to do justice to the client by demanding only fair charges, which are in direct proportion to the size of problem solved. Hence offering regular income opportunities to fellow designers and Architects.

We designers put all this effort as we strive to bring around a design revolution and better the design of our nation as we are the ones who are skilled to shape our surroundings and provide the people a better lifestyle and more comfort.

This is a very big goal that we have set for ourselves at built design. So, we require all your support. Your community need you and you, need the community. We request you to join us and do your bit and be a part of something bigger.

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