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When is the right time to hire an Architect?

When you want to design a house or need any new building design, there are plenty of questions that cross your mind. How much would it cost? How would you start the process? Which professionals to hire? When should you hire them? What will an Architect and a Contractor do, and so on.

Work of an Architect

An Architect is a professional who will answer all your doubts and more. They design your home with their knowledge and experience. They will also help with budgeting and managing others in the building process. Also, oversee all the work for you to have the best experience of creating your own space or design a house.

Appointing an Architect will get your whole process of building in coordination. Dealing with labour, contractors and sellers for a project is a complicated task. Sanctioning of drawings, designing, building according to codes, etc. needs expertise.

The work of an Architect is to undertake all the above-stated jobs to ensure the highest quality of work for you.

But when should we hire an Architect?

  1. You have your plot of land where you’d like to build your house, workplace or any other building. You contact an Architect to explain the whole process to you.\ They will help you with your budget and all legal permissions from the government. Further, making your dream come to reality with their designs.
  2. When you are planning to remodel your spaces and do not know how to start, you hire an Architect.\ They will analyse the building and tell you the dos and don'ts of renovating an existing building. This is because you need to keep the structural elements in mind before making changes.
  3. When you have figured out your finances and have a budget in mind, the Architect comes to play. They will listen to your needs and desires and make an estimated cost for your project. They will help you adjust the costs through their knowledge and expertise.
  4. Architects will also help you in growing your business infrastructure. They are Design professionals who are up-to-date with the market practices.\ \ Ask for their advice when you plan to invest in construction by creating an office or any building complementing your business, and they will help you make the right decisions. They will come up with the best solutions and designs to help you grow.\ \ These are the right moments when you need an Architect on board.
Hiring a Design professional will always fast-forward your process.

It will spare you confusion and prevent you from getting scammed by other workers. But this does not mean Professionals are magicians.

People often expect too much in too little time from Architects. They think architectural designers can give the best solutions by moving their magic wands in no time. But designing has its layers. Building Designs evolve with professional experience, knowledge, desires of the clients, and the ever-changing market.\ You need to understand and give them time to process and materialize your dreams into a building.

Clients should recognise that producing drawings is only a material part of the profession.\ Many backstage activities take place in the process that contributes to the entire building construction journey.

Why does it take time to start the construction process?

After hiring an Architect a time period of 1.5 - 2 months is a need of the process. This takes place before building construction starts on site.\ \ In this period, the following activities take place:

  • Regularization/ Permit letters to be by the Authorities
  • Designing of the project
  • Sanctioning of drawings
  • Building permits
  • Goods for construction drawings

Once the initial part of the process is over, you are good to start construction on site.\ Most importantly, sanctioning helps you seek loans from nationalised banks.

Banks are not allowed to give construction loans without sanctioned drawings. So once the authorities approve the designs, your job becomes much easier, further sorting your finances.

Changing technology has made hiring Architects and Consultants very easy.  

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