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Why Architecture competitions are here to transform the AEC industry in India

Architecture Competitions in today’s world

Architecture competitions may be new to some, but these competitions have been a part of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry for a long time. In fact, they date back to ancient Greece, where architecture competitions were held for the very first time.

The basic idea is to invite architects to participate for a given project, and the best design from the entries is then built for the project. They are held at a large scale, usually by institutions and governments all around the world.

Some of them are conceptual contests, focusing more on the problem solving aspect of it. Others are for real projects that get built.

Architects are highly trained and experienced at working on a project simply by referring to the necessary details about it- reference pictures, site pictures and dimensions, surrounding area details, and the requirements of the client. This makes it easy for architects to design for a project, even if they haven’t visited the site or met with the client.

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With digitization, hosting an architecture contest of any scale, at any location has become even more efficient.

Organizations leverage this to host multiple design contests for various projects, ranging from technology to fashion and more, in order to gain publicity along with getting unique designs for various projects.

Architecture and design competitions have proven to be extremely beneficial in the bigger picture. Large scale buildings and structures have been constructed successfully by a number of institutions in this manner.

Innovation in Architecture

The foundation of the Architecture industry has always been innovation. New software is launched with unimaginable features every year, new materials are researched and developed with various unique properties, machines are engineered for making processes more efficient, and so much more.

However, the result of digitization has barely touched the process of how a client and an architect communicate. There is still some friction present- the long search for the right architect and the right constructor for your project, and the unrealistic hidden costs involved at every step.

When everything else is being digitized, why not innovate the way clients and architects interact? That’s exactly what the founders of the startup Builtdesign asked themselves.

By bringing the concept of competitions from institutions to the public, Builtdesign decided to transform the way AEC industry works.

With the combination of Remote Design Technology and our state of the art systems, Builtdesign has made remote architecture design more accessible and transparent for all parties involved in a project.

Architecture competitions are at the center of our startup, where we host a competition for our client’s project. Architectural designers from all over India participate and send in their designs for the project. This ensures that the client gets multiple unique designs to choose from, all according to their needs.

Moreover, our business model guarantees to save time, money and efforts in the process of designing for all our clients.

Why are architecture competitions the next big thing in India?

Competitions invite professionals to contribute, which means each individual participates with their unique perspective and experience.

The result is that you get multiple unique perspectives on one single project.

Traditionally, clients need to look for the right architect, communicate upon their ideas and ask for innumerable changes because the design just might not be the right fit.\ \ Eventually the client might just go ahead with it to control the budget, save time, or due to lack of awareness about how a design may suit their needs best.

With contests, this issue is completely eradicated. With multiple entries and unique designs that fit well within the expectations of a client, it is easier to choose the best suited design for their project, at the cost of one design!

Not only does this give the client more freedom of choice for their project but also make them aware of what architects bring to the table.

It is an ultimate win for the architecture fraternity in India when people recognize the level of contribution made by architects to their lives.

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With Remote design technology, it is possible to bring together professionals from across India to work on a project whose site they haven’t even visited. It makes the process faster, more affordable, and incredibly interesting.

Architects get a fair chance at competing for a real-time project at a national level. Clients get multiple design options at the tip of their fingers providing digital accessibility. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Engaging highly skilled architects at a large scale not only saves clients time, money and effort, but also brings diversity in the decision making. The entire functioning of the operation is on the hosting organization of the contest, while the clients can focus on choosing their best designs, and architects can focus on their design skills.

Bringing this remote design technology to the people of India makes it an immense opportunity for architects to showcase their skills while actually earning from it and seeing their project getting built. It brings an even simpler, faster, and better user experience to people who want to get a project built.

Successful examples of Architecture competitions

  1. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House is an iconic example of how an architectural competition can result in a remarkable design. This competition was held in 1956, with more than 220 architectural design entries from 28 countries!

  1. Design Competition for Iconic Structure in Nav Bharat Udyan (New India Garden), New Delhi
Design Competition for Iconic Structure in Nav Bharat Udyan

Launched by the Government of India, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Central Public Works Department, this architecture competition in India aims at developing/redeveloping the Central Vista extending from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate in the heart of New Delhi.

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  1. Architectural Design Competition for Acharya Shankar Museum
Architectural Design Competition for Acharya Shankar Museum

Launched by Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Ekta Nyas, Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, this architectural design competition is for designing the Acharya Shankar Museum at Omkareshwar, MP.

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